Want to Apply? Need More Info?

  1. Review the PCPP Student Guide/Program Requirements.
  2. Download, print and complete the PCPP Student Application.

  3. Email the Prep Program Coordinator to set up an appointment to review your application, peacecorps-prep@email.arizona.edu.
  4. Meet with the Prep Program Coordinator, and get started!


PCPP Student Application.pdf

PCPP Student Application.pdf

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Your UArizona Peace Corps Team

Tammy Orr, UArizona Peace Corps Prep Program Coordinator, 2019

Tammy Orr

Peace Corps Prep Program Coordinator

Contact Tammy for Prep Program Information

and to Submit Prep Program Application


Forbes, Suite 320

Jacy Woodruff, Peace Corps Panama 2012, Image for UArizona Peace Corps Prep Program Assistant

Jacy Woodruff

Peace Corps Prep Program Assistant

Contact Jacy for Prep Program Events

and Reporting Prep Program Requirements


University Services Building, Suite 204E

Hannah Martin, UArizona Peace Corps Recruiter

Hannah Martin

Peace Corps Campus Recruiter

Contact Hannah for Additional Information on 

Serving in and Applying to the Peace Corps


Student Union, Career Services, Suite 411J