Frequently Asked Questions

Peace Corps Poster, "The difference between a career and a purpose is about 8,000 miles" FAQs for UArizona Peace Corps Prep Program

The Peace Corps is eager for Volunteers to return to service as soon as the health and safety of Volunteers, staff, and host communities can be assured. Volunteers are still be recruited for positions departing in 2021. For Agency updates during COVID-19, check

As many as 24,000 people apply for approximately 3,500 Peace Corps volunteer opening each year. Participating in the Peace Corps Prep program will help you identify and acquire the skills that Peace Corps is looking for in its volunteers and will give you a competitive edge, although acceptance is not a guarantee. You will also have the advantage of being part of the UArizona Peace Corps community during your undergraduate years.

While it is true that you must be a U. S. citizen to join the Peace Corps, the Peace Corps Prep program is open to students of all nationalities. A Peace Corps Prep certificate says, "here is someone who cares about sustainable community development," a great skill to have for any career path.

While the Peace Corps Prep program is generally designed to be completed over the course of a minimum of two years, involvement in the program is highly encouraged over the full four years that students are working towards their undergraduate degree. There are many benefits to being part of the UArizona Peace Corps Prep community, including group events, volunteer opportunities, and interaction with Returning Peace Corps Volunteers on campus.

Possibly not. You may be able to retroactively count requirements of the Peace Corps Prep program that you have already fulfilled. You should meet with the Prep Program Coordinator to see what requirements you have already fulfilled, and identify any gaps that may be completed during your final year.

Currently, the Prep program at UArizona accepts students on a rolling admissions basis, allowing students to start the program at any time during the academic year.

The PCPP requires course completion in three areas: Peace Corps work sector specific, intercultural competence, and foreign language. For most PCPP students, courses they are already taking or plan to take for their major/minor will fulfill these requirements.

Other requirements include volunteer hours that are sector specific, participation in leadership and professional development activities, and semesterly reporting of your progress.

See the page "STUDENT GUIDE" for a full explanation of the PCPP requirements.

Peace Corps Prep is a voluntary program designed to make you a more competitive candidate for Peace Corps volunteer positions. There is no penalty if you do not complete the program, but there are many advantages if you do.

Congratulations! You should contact the Prep Program Coordinator ( for an Exit Checklist to document the courses and activities you completed to fulfill the certificate requirements, and to set up a meeting to review. You will attach your approved Exit Checklist to your Peace Corps application.

You should also schedule a meeting with UArizona's Peace Corps Campus Recruiter ( for help with your Peace Corps application, including resume and interview prep.